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Greetings visitors, I am Sami Ahmad Sial the owner of freebooksmania-vast pdf hub from Lahore Pakistan, I am currently 20 years old & studying materials science and engineering from UET Lahore. From my childhood, I always been a person to take things differently to do them in such manner like nobody never does. Well it’s a question that how a material science student became a web developer so the answer is very simple, I mean I can give you 2 minutes to think why that guy is hunting on blogger whereas he has already something on his plate, so don’t bother yourself by thinking, let me answer you that is “interest”. Now everybody is thinking to hit me because I have wasted your two minutes in a simple answer hahha!!,the point is actually nothing starts at his own, sometimes things attract you towards their charm, vastness and beauty so I decided to learn why the whole world is going to be crazy about internet, moving everything their even their pillows oops sorry!

Myself in 2014

So my story begins, when I was a little fellow and used to run the pc with very excitement, but my enthusiasm was never limited to games, softwares etc. I always kept myself indulge in doing new things with my pc. When something happened to it,than it was the happiest moment of my life when I used to split up its parts and found the problems and my pc become ok again. So yes reader, I also repair my pc myself.

During 2014, I became fed up by playing games than I started to learn some programming but accidentally I found myself good at html5 so now someone told me about blogger, I made my account and started working on it,new ideas and other scripts used to beautify your site,I took them from other learning sites. Soon I understood the coding customization of the blogger and made my first site which was of software well I am a little forgetful, so I lost my password of that blog and put my self into a most intimating situation!
During an industrial tour 2016

Than after sometime, I started to learn about web hosting and their providers while during I was not using them just consolidating my knowledge to push a new start. Along with I passed my college and got admitted in engineering university Lahore studying Metallurgical and Materials engineering. I lost focus for sometime because it was natural as I was moving towards my professional studies but after that utilizing my time in summer vacations I refreshed my concepts by getting myself trained in wordpress development, seo and webmaster from TICK institution I got certified!

me during  time of  TICK UET lahore

So now I am here to improve my experience on internet by developing the sites ,these things are my hobbies and I love them.

Besides,all the internetting, gaming and blogging, I also fond of reading books based on history, religion and politics also have a great mind to gain a reasonable knowledge in the field on engineering and my only goal to life is serve my country and parents!
A click while moving through desert

Well the best thing is live happily, and don’t let other people judge you because your kindness ,your knowledge is imparted in yourself and you have to be accountable on day of judgment.

The Present Me

                                                 During a Tour in Northern Areas


Sami Ahmad Sial


  1. Have you book of Reham Khan?

    1. i guess she was a reporter and his book supposed to be on Imran Khan is about to release when it will we shall serve you

    2. Book is now available on site

  2. Keep up the great work. Impressive content


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